Want to be seen? Are you looking for an advertising medium that people will actually use? We have not only an answer, but also a solution for you. We offer professional branding services. We will help you with the visual identity of your brand, which we will transfer to practical advertising items for everyday use towels, bath towels, bathrobes and other textiles.

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It used to be an ordinary towel. Although not so ordinary, but rather fluffy and soft, with a high weight. But he was a dime a dozen, looking the same as all the others. And then it got into our hands, or rather into the machines, and suddenly it became a towel with added value. Signed with your logo, a motif that iconically presents your product, your company.

It is not a fairy tale, but a real possibility to create original advertising products that will delight your customers, guests and employees. What's more, they will spread your theme further.

Tasteful branding is not only a carrier of advertising, but also presents the image of the company. And which one to choose?

The modern method is product printing. It varies depending on what products you want to print on and in what quality. Most printing methods are suitable for towels and bath towels made of synthetic fibers, i.e. quick-drying polyester towels. However, the printing method can also be applied to terry towels, for example in an elegant border.

A popular form of terry product branding is the ageless embroidery. It's simply a holder. And by that we don't just mean that the towels, bath towels and bathrobes are produced with the help of our professional machines to such a high quality that the next generation will easily be able to inherit them. This is because textile embroidery has been around in advertising much longer than any other branding method. On the heels of the embroidery is a loop or label, simple, not fancy, but effective.

And to make matters worse, not only will we take care of branding thanks to original advertising items. We also pack them for your customers. Economically, luxuriously, practically or unexpectedly and surprisingly.