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Direct textile printing

What will it look like when you put a t-shirt, shirt or tote bag in the printer? Actually, probably not much. But if we do it, it will definitely be worth it. Our powerful printers print directly on textiles. Even the fine details.

A lot of music for a little money is a well-worn cliché, but here it simply and well applies. Direct textile printing is one of the branding options that will bring high-quality advertising products while maintaining low costs.

Direct textile printing is one of the branding technologies we offer. It looks great and completely blends in with the surface of the fabric, so it doesn't peel off anywhere, it doesn't get cold, the printed surface is soft to the touch. The textile with the print needs to be ironed inside out so that the print is not damaged.

The principle of digital printing on textiles works similarly to a home printer. Once we have prepared the motif in the right colors and dimensions, we fix the textile in the frame of our professional printer and start printing with high-quality ink colors that are fixed at high temperature and pressure.

Technical specifications:

The direct digital printing method looks best on 100% cotton products, but can also be printed with mixed materials including polyester. However, cotton should always be the dominant component. The cotton content should be at least 50% of the fabric with a homogeneous structure.

You can print not only on white and dark textiles, but in high resolution, including fine details, shading and the like.

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