Pamper. No more hard "grater" that does unwanted peeling after the shower. Choose to take care of the skin of everyone who gets their hands on a soft towel, thanks to which everyone will look forward not only to the shower, but also to it. When it dries and wraps in a soft material.

When purchasing towels, appearance is of course one of the key criteria. Color, ornaments, plastic effects can be decisive... Everyone's taste is essential, no less than the fact that it is pleasant when towels match the interior of the bathroom. But it's still not the most important thing. The fact that a towel looks nice does not mean that it can perform its function. It must therefore not only be pleasant to the touch, but it also needs to breathe well and if it dries quickly, all the better.

Don't settle for less and get quality towels for your business, for your customers or business partners that meet all of the above, from a functional and aesthetic point of view! At Kapatex, we don't just think about bathroom equipment, but we are your partner in the field of towels, for example to the gym or to the beach.

Our proven classics are terry towels, which are fluffier and more absorbent thanks to a new method of spinning and gentle cotton dyeing.