Just like that, no one will vaporize her. Quality embroidery has a long life. Even frequent washing won't hurt it, and the brand stays like nails. It is not for nothing that it is considered a traditional and highly representative form of branding.

Such embroidery is actually like a signature – of you, your company, your vision. You can use it for your business inside the company, or present yourself with it and spread your vision further thanks to tasteful and durable embroidery. For example, on all terrycloth products from our offer.

Do you want to please your customers, brand textiles in your restaurant, hotel, beauty salon or anywhere else? We will embroider your logo, motif, any image or inscription on the entire range of terry products - towels, bath towels, bathrobes and other textiles.

We make embroidery for you on high-quality multi-head TAJIMA machines. Programs for machine embroidery are created by our employees in special program software. We have years of experience behind us, during which thousands of products have passed through our hands and machines for our customers. And the embroideries, just like us, keep their quality for many years. We embroider with first-class threads that are colourfast. Firm and precise.

Technical specifications:

The maximum size of machine embroidery is 30 x 25 cm (e.g. for T-shirts , sweatshirts, polo shirts) and 45 x 25 cm (for terrycloth, blankets or other blanks).

The smallest possible size of the embroidered logo is limited by the length of the stitch – for terry cloth embroidery it is approximately 5 mm high sanserif. For materials with a finer structure, we can embroider very fine lines.

The resulting price of the embroidery is derived from the number of stitches (= embroidered area) and the complexity of the motif (inserting the embroidered material into the machine). We will be happy to prepare a price calculation tailored to your specifications.

Samples of our work

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