Thanks to the Print line, part of the towel or bath towel can be under your control. In particular, a 9-centimeter-wide border can be printed, which can play with all colors and moderation. An ideal promotional gift for corporate customers.

Terry towels and bath towels made of 100% cotton can, thanks to the Print line, have a much more prominent advertising mark than a small embroidery. Those who want to be seen can choose a straight all-over printed border. Or a combination of both.


We will print what you want on parts and entire surfaces of towels and bath towels. In this case, in the line called Print, you have the entire border available, i.e. a decorative strip of products. How the printed towel will look is up to you, it can blend in with the color of the towel, of which we have a wide range, or stand out from it and beg for attention.

A range of terry towels and washcloths with your own print is suitable as an advertising tool. The products can serve as advertising gifts for corporate customers, business partners and your guests at events. It depends on the company. The just-mentioned basic offer of light, dark and pastel shades will certainly satisfy the demand for promotional gifts in your company colors.

Printing on towels with your own print is done sublimation method, when design is printed directly into the molecular structure of the textile and by touch is completely imperceptible. A border printed in this way is smooth, does not fray or peel off. In this case, printing on printed towels is full-color, so we can print any design, including a picture.

Material100% cotton, PES border
Size30 x 50, 50 x 100 cm, 70 x 140 cm
Weight400 g/m²

Color and Size Combinations


30 x 50 cm50 x 100 cm70 x 140 cm
Dark Yellow-yesyes
Dark blue-yesyes
Light blue-yesyes
Dark green-yesyes
Apple green-yesyes


Branding options

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