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Sublimation printing in the border

Branding that soaks right into the advertising product. No one will wash it off, evaporate it, peel it off. Sublimation printing is a durable method by which we can permanently and tastefully mark not only customer-favorite towels and bath towels that are commonly used in practical life.

A logo that won't crease anywhere in the corner, but will be visible in the terry border.

Sublimation printing makes it possible to print towels and bath towels in almost photographic quality. The motif is imprinted directly into the molecular structure of the textile and is completely imperceptible to the touch. It is also suitable for products such as towels and bath towels because it is very durable. Even frequent washing will not remove your motif or logo from the product.

When printing with the sublimation method, the motif is first printed on transfer paper. Subsequently, it is "ironed" into the entire polyester surface or polyester border with the pressure of the press at a temperature of 190 °C.

Technical specifications:

As we have already mentioned, sublimation printing is suitable for towels and bath towels made of artificial fibers, i.e. products made of 100% polyester or polyester with polyamide admixture. They are primarily quick-drying sports towels from the microtech, cooling series.

However, for this purpose, we also offer towels image and round towels. Although half of them are 100% cotton, the sublimation printing method can also be applied to them. They are made of polyester fiber for printing on one side, and white cotton on the other.

We have prepared special high-quality terry towels for border printing print and fitness with polyester border 9-10 cm high. We will print the chosen motif or logo on this surface and create a high-quality towel or bath towel with added value out of the ordinary and extraordinary.

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