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Color-to-color sublimation printing

We print on white... This is definitely not the case with us! Time has progressed and we print all kinds of colors on towels and bath towels, so-called color to color. In the case of your advertising products, you don't have to stick to the ground, they can play with colors!

Blue, red, green, pink, yellow... on any color we print the same color with a different shade. You can revive the branding of your brand and create a varied palette of advertising items.

Color-to-color sublimation printing abandons the idea of printing on a white base, and you can choose a colored towel or tea towel as the basis for printing your logo or motif.

Colour-to-colour printing works by printing the selected motif on the background with a shade darker to make the print stand out. This means that we will print, for example, your logo in a darker blue on the blue towel.

Technical specifications:

Sublimation printing can be applied for towels and bath towels made of artificial fibers, i.e. textiles made of 100% polyester or polyester with polyamide admixture. For this reason, we can apply it to single-colored quick-drying towels from the Microtech and Cooling series.

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