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Double-sided sublimation printing

If you want to be seen, take it from the grunt - from both sides! Branding, which makes it possible to use the advertising potential of towels and bath towels to the maximum, is called double-sided sublimation printing.

Seen in every situation. Imagine your customers taking a towel with your company logo to the pool. Whether you put it upside down or face up, it will always be there! Logo, theme, password. On each side, or both sides. That sounds efficient, don't you think?

Some branding methods are simply smaller, others larger. And then there are those that can actually cover the entire area of the given advertising item. This is exactly the case with double-sided printing of towels and bath towels.

The method of double-sided sublimation printing consists in the fact that the selected advertising motif is first printed on sublimation paper and is then transferred to the entire surface of the top and bottom of the polyester towel or bath towel with the help of a calender.

Technical specifications:

Sublimation printing can be applied to towels and bath towels made of artificial fibers, i.e. textiles made of 100% polyester , or polyester with polyamide admixture. For this reason, we can apply it to single-colored quick-drying towels from the Microtech range.

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