Transfer printing

Transfer printing is an indirect type of printing. Unlike the direct digital printing method, the towel, bath towel or other advertising textile does not come into contact with the printer at all. And yet we will print them! Magic? No way, only professional technology.

With this method of branding, something is transferred, namely the theme you choose. It is not printed directly on the selected product. There is a roundabout way of doing it.

When transferring your logo, motif or even a photo to the selected product, we will use an intermediary. Specifically, a special transfer foil on which we first print the image. From the foil, for example, it gets onto a towel under the action of pressure and high temperature. At the same time, the motif creates a continuous area of color on the textile.

Technical specifications:

This printing method can be applied, for example, to Microtech towels, but also other textiles made from organic or synthetic material. The motif can be up to 50 x 40 cm in size.

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