A fine detail that will elegantly brand towels, bath towels and bathrobes with your logo? The answer is quite minimalistic, but effective: a label.

There are many options for branding a product with an advertising slogan or logo. However, if you are not a supporter of big advertising gestures, choose a label or ribbon that will represent you elegantly and yet effectively.

If you are looking for decent but effective branding, we offer simple advertising etiquette in the form of a label or a loop. The latter will serve not only as your presentation but also practically. You can hang a towel or bath towel behind it on a hook, thanks to which the loop will be nicely visible.

Technical specifications:

Label it can be sewn into the hem, or sewn on as an advertising tab. We have printed and woven multi-colored eyelets in various sizes to choose from. However, both the strap and the label can combine a maximum of two colors. Production takes us about 14 days, depending on how many you want.

This type of branding can be applied to most of our products - all terry materials, Cooling and Mikrotech.

Suitable for Materialsterry, cooling, microtech
Maximum number of colors2

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