Laser engraving

novel way to mark towels and bath towels with your logo or selected motif is provided by the original laser engraving technique. A precisely adjusted machine will not make a hole in the product, as it would be in the movies.

While embroidery is a staple in branding, laser engraving is a relatively young method that will surprise your customers. This fast and precise method can literally burn a logo, inscription, motto, ornament, almost any motif into our products.

A professional machine transfers the selected image to a towel or bath towel of the Microtech series using a laser beam. Basically, it works by lasering away the top part of the material and creating a depression. We can set the depth of this engraving arbitrarily and create the best possible visual impression. The advantage is that the motif does not wear out in any way during washing, certainly not more than the towel itself or the bath towel it is part of.

Technical specifications:

The technology is only suitable for towels and bath towels of the Microtech series. These are quick-drying microfiber products that are very popular among sportmen and are also ideal for travel. They are light and do not take up as much space as a classic terry towel.

In the case of this branding, you don't have to be too tame. A logo or other motif can have dimensions of up to 798 x 798 mm. In short and well, your brand will be seen wherever the products appear.

Laser engraving is an alternative to hot stamping technology. Find out more here.

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