Do you think cloth towels are going out of style? But somewhere, rather, he returns to the scene again! They are repeatedly washable, which will please all supporters of a sustainable household.

In the kitchen, tea towels are a necessary item that should always be at hand. Kitchens add cosiness, and when you reach for the right material and design, they will be your favorite helpers. Waffle kitchen towels Kitchen Towel are used to wipe dishes, hands and kitchen counters. They are made of natural cotton, so they immediately absorb water from any surface.


Waffle lovers, take note! Do we have your attention? Great. Waffle kitchen towels are not edible, but they are a popular variation of classic kitchen towels. Their structure consists of an extruded pattern resembling a waffle. But the most important thing is their practicality - they are incredibly absorbent.

Kitchen Towel are popular promotional items which you will appreciate as practical gifts for your customers, business partners and employees. They are made of 100% cotton, which is soft, delicate, but at the same time durable. The towels do not shed fibers and do not lose their properties even after frequent washing and drying. The branding is also durable, with which we can provide advertising towels on request, in the form of embroidery.

In the spirit of sustainability and nature, we offer them in two basic colors – white and beige (natural).

material100% cotton
size50 x 70 cm
weight240 g/m²


Branding options

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