Cooling Towel

Cool the customers! Not that you don't take care of them. Not at all. On the contrary. Treat them to refreshment on hot days, during hard training, or when they have a headache. They will definitely appreciate a cooling towel!

Cooling towels look like other sports towels, but they do something the others don't. They are made of special cooling yarn, which retains water and it keeps the wet towel at a low temperature.


Unique cooling towels are an ideal advertising item that can do exactly what is expected of it - they will definitely surprise clients, customers, colleagues and business partners. Did you know that a towel can be cooling? And only for a few hours? Trust that this piece of advertising will be talked about.

Cooling towels are made of special cooling yarn microfibers, which ensure that the soaked towel maintains a low temperature for several hours. It is not a chemical reaction, the function simply lies in the towel production technology. How does it work? All you have to do is wet, wring out, shake the towel and it will start to cool down by itself. It will then stay cold for 4 to 6 hours. Even after repeated washing. However, we recommend omitting fabric softener when washing.

Microfiber towels are a great companion for hot days, long trips, to the gym and can also come in handy when a person has a headache or is overworked stay in the sun and get burnt.

A wonderful gift or advertising item will definitely please! And how to advertise it? Towels and bath towels are delivered in a resealable package, on which it is possible to print a logo as agreed.

Material50% polyester, 50% cooling yarn
Size30 x 100 cm
Weight160 g/m²


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