Absorbent, storable, Microtech sports towels are for everyone. Athletes and adventurers, they are suitable for hiking and the swimming pool, for trips for experiences and can even fit in small luggage. As well as being multifunctional, they are also perfectly promotional - most of our branding technologies can be applied to them.

Ultra-light, quick-drying microfiber towels and bath towels are suitable for travel and sports. Thanks to its low weight, this towel can be folded into a smaller size, which does not take up much space, so you can have it at hand at any time. In a purse, backpack and suitcase. No matter how you dedicate it to anyone, it will definitely find use.


When you really want to choose, reach for Microtech sports towels. We offer them in the widest color palette and the possibility of their branding is just as wide. They are made of microfiber that can be embroidered, embossed or printed using hot stamping, sublimation printing or screen printing.

Quick-dry towels Microtech are ultra-light, fit in a purse, backpack, suitcase, in short, anywhere. It can not only dry you perfectly, but it can also dry lightning fast. Water does not hold in them like in cotton towels and bath towels, and bacteria are not too hostile to them. In other words, the towels and bath towels of the Microtech series are thoroughly antibacterial thanks to the polyester, which has a dense microfiber structure and prevents microorganisms from penetrating the inside of the towel.

Your logo, selected motif, initials or the entire inscription can be applied to them using any of the above-mentioned technologies available to us. It's up to you. Create original custom-made advertising items that will please and won't stay in a drawer somewhere. The recipients will surely use them.

Towels can also be supplemented with a carabiner, rubber band or mesh bag.

Material80% polyester, 20% polyamide
Size30 x 50 cm, 50 x 100 cm, 70 x 140 cm
Weight 200 g/m²200 g/m²


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