A gentle but effective touch of nature. Elitery towels and bathtowels are made of natural cotton down to the last fiber, which is processed precisely to dry your skin perfectly with every encounter.

Fourteen possible color shades, four sizes to choose from. Elitery´s popular line of towels and bathtowels has everyone in mind. The generous weight of 400 g/m² ensures the desired softness together with perfect absorbency at a reasonable price.


Scrubbing with a hard towel that doesn't absorb is perhaps the worst case scenario, which spoils any enjoyment from a hot or ice shower. Don't let your guests, customers or yourself live with bad towels, life is too short for that.

Elitery quality cotton terry towels are fluffy, absorbent and retain their properties even after many washing and drying cycles. They do a reliable service whenever you reach for them. The big advantage of this line is their variety. In the design itself, they stick to simplicity, they have wider hems and there are five decorative strips on both shorter sides. On the other hand, there is really a choice of colors various range includes basic colors and their shades, fourteen options in total. Towels and bathtowels are available in four sizes. It is therefore a suitable advertising item that you can give as a set to your customers, business partners and employees. It is no less suitable for use in hotels or guesthouses. If you want to use the towels or bathtowels from this line as advertising items or to identify them with your device, we offer to mark the products with embroidery or a label sewn on the side.

Material100% cotton
Size30 x 50 cm, 50 x 100 cm, 70 x 140 cm, 80 x 180 cm
Weight400 g/m²

Color and Size Combinations

Colors30 x 50 cm50 x 100 cm70 x 140 cm80 x 180 cm
Dark Yellowyesyesyes-
Deep sea-yesyesyes
Sky blueyesyesyes-
Grass green-yesyes-
Apple green-yesyes-


Branding options

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