Round or square? That's the question... If you want to break out of the stereotype, the correct answer is option number one. Put your logo or motif on a round towel and know that it will NEVER stay at home, at least in the summer! On vacation, at the swimming pool and in the park, round towels will score points. They are so fashionable!

The round shape of the towel is not only able to attract attention, but all circular motifs stand out on it, absolutely perfectly. But that's not all! Cheerful colors, summer motifs, original logos and the like also suit round towels. We will fit everything you want on them.


The beach bag is usually on standby from June to mid-September, the picnic bag a little longer after that. Winter holidays in exotic destinations are also popular. Do you know what connects these things? After all, "your" round beach towel! It will interest, surprise, entertain. And what is the main thing? People will really use it. It just fits!

We usually imagine her on the beach or in the park, giving people such "summer" joy, but there are no limits to imagination. A round towel can be an original "tablecloth" on a round table, it can be thrown over pallet furniture as a stylish piece in the popular boho style... It depends on whom the round you donate a towel or bath towel, as well as what we will print this product with at your request. Do not hesitate consult us. It can be an original gift for your customers, an advertising item for various purposes, and even a sale item at your swimming pool.

We will get what you want for a round towel in the form of sublimation printing. This is because the upper side of the towels, which consists of polyester fiber suitable for printing, is adapted to this. The underside is made of quality cotton. Want something extra? We are thinking about that too. The edge of the towel can be supplemented with tasteful fringes. The perfect summer piece!

Material100% cotton, 100% polyester
Size150 cm diameter
Weight300 g/m²


Branding options

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