Luxurious towels for the most comfortable experience are made of 100% cotton. Soft to the touch, absorbent and a joy to use after a bath. Do you want to present your company effectively and support your company brand? Then you want the best - Deluxe line.

With a woven 10cm wide chenille border, suitable for embroidering your logo on the lower end of the terry towels, the Deluxe range of towels and bath towels is exactly what its name says: luxury as well as quality. The chenille thread creates fine velvet effects on its entire surface, bringing a unique experience to the skin.


Gorgeous. Even so, the towels and bath towels from the Deluxe line could be called that. If you want to pamper your clients, business partners or those who work for you, you've come to the right place. The Luxury range of products with a weight of 500 m/g2 gives everyone the most comfortable enjoyment after every bath and shower.

Forget hard scrubbing towels and opt for fluffy extra soft terry towels or towels in colors for every bathroom. The Deluxe series is specific with its chenille border, while this chenille thread creates fine velvety soft effects on the surface.

Basically, there is nothing like these blame terry chenille towels and dish towels. They can be used in hotels or guest houses, where you will definitely not embarrass yourself with them in front of guests. They can also be used in wellness facilities or hotel wellness. However, it will also serve wonderfully as a advertising item with branding as embroidery or just label.

Material100% Cotton
Size50 x 100 cm, 70 x 140 cm
Weight500 g/m²


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