Bath towels

The days when people had brightly colored towels from their grandmother in their bathrooms are long gone. Today, especially tasteful single-colored towels are in fashion, which will certainly make your clients and guests happy. Not even a decent logo marking will spoil the impression of the soft and fluffy material.

The advantage of the towel is undoubtedly the large area. Your logo can be discreet in a corner or border. That you don't want it to "crouch" somewhere in the corner, but really be visible? Then there's a range of services that we offer for your advertising campaign - elegant weaving or perhaps full-color printing.

Towels are a thankful gift for your customers, business partners and employees. Whatever we talk about is always good. Home to the bathroom, to the gym, to the beach and on the go. The better material (higher grammage for terrycloth products) you choose, the greater response you will get. Our towels generally weigh more than 400 g/m², the most luxurious ones up to 600 g/m². Thanks to their perfect design, high absorbency and softness, they will become everyday necessities of everyone you give them to. Microfiber towels are popular with athletes and adventurers. They are extra thin, do not take up too much space, and what is good to know, they are suitable for the special options of branding.

Of course, as for the material, there are other options advertising. Feel free to contact us, we will advise you how to create great and effective promotional towels.