They can be part of work clothes, but people will also use them outside of work. Caps always find their use. Moreover, they are simply visible. When you are talking to someone who is wearing a cap, your eyes will slide to them and that is also the time for advertising or any other message. Logo of a company, sports club, band, establishment, kindergarten and others. In short, caps are a practical advertising carrier for everyone.

They look good and have their practical functions. Caps are iconic and very popular headgear for many people. Someone doesn't even leave the house without it! Add them to your employees' clothing, hand them out at events and ensure visibility quickly and easily.


When talking to someone, it is polite to look them in the eye. From them, however, the gaze often slides higher, especially when the other is wearing a cap. It is true that the view often slips even lower, but that does not apply to caps at all.

In general, caps with your own print are among the most popular advertising items. Precisely because they attract attention, they are the perfect place to place advertisement and company presentation. Caps will be used by employees during working hours as part of their work clothes, but they can also be useful at outdoor events bonding the team or perhaps at fairs, where people can clearly show which stand and company they belong to.

Caps can be chosen from a number of color variants and types. You can find our assortment in our catalog of textile brands Adler, Sols, Fruit of the Loom, B&C, Malfini, Stedman, Piccolio. We will then turn the chosen caps into advertising ones before they travel to you and provide them with embroidery in the form of your logo , names or letters. It's up to you.

At Kapatex you can choose a complete advertising textile , for example t-shirts and polo shirts, caps, neck warmers, sweatshirts and other pieces. You can dress our employees from head to toe. Literally. We also make advertising socks!


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