The T-shirt is one of the fundamental inventions of the 20th century. It may be banal, but it is all the more effective. It is worn by everyone and everywhere. So why not take advantage of it? We can turn an ordinary T-shirt into an advertising item for you, using printing or embroidery.

White, black, red... A simple monochrome t-shirt is a surface that directly invites you to fill it with something - partially, half, completely... T-shirts are grateful advertising items that you can give to your clients and partners. They are a popular item for merch and, last but not least, will serve as a "uniform" for employees. Store employees, waiters, car mechanics in service stations, nurses in medical facilities and lifeguards in swimming pools usually wear uniform shirts.


Often the simplest solutions are the most effective. Advertising T-shirts are a good example of this. They are parts of clothing that people wear on a daily basis. After all, everyone has several in their closet.

Therefore, let us create tailor-made t-shirts that you can use to make your company visible in many ways. You can hand them out at events where the company presents itself, put them in a package for your business partners after a joint meeting, or use them in your operation. For example, in a restaurant, hotel, workshop, shop, spa facility, bistro, sports club.

Coordinated in company shirts with embroidery or print, your employees can be at a team building or company fair, where they will not only attract, but it will be immediately clear who they belong to. . We offer t-shirts from brands Adler, Sols, Fruit of the Loom, B&C, Malfini, Stedman, Piccolio. The link to the catalog can be found here.

Selected t-shirts for all wishes print or mark with embroidery.


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