Neck warmers

Only a neckerchief! Yes, a scarf is elegant, it goes well with coats, but such a neckerchief, that's for sure. It doesn't get tangled anywhere, it doesn't fly around and it still fits nicely around the neck. Add it to your fleet of promotional items because people will always use this piece.

Neck warmers are used all year round. In summer against the sun, in winter against the wind. They are suitable for sports at any time, they are suitable for running, hiking, winter sports, and many people wear them in normal traffic as well. Put them on in your company too! As a promotional item, it brings with it considerable practicality that people will appreciate. They will also be used by employees who do their work outside.


Try something different from classic promotional items choose personalized neckwear that people will naturally use. Single-layer or double-layer multifunctional neck warmers are suitable for sports, hiking and will serve as protection against wind and cold. And not only that, they can be used on the neck and head as protection against the sun or as a sweat absorber, for example when running.

Our advertising neckbands contain silver particles. And that's because silver reduces the survival time of microbes. This results in antiseptic and deodorizing effects.

Necklaces can easily be turned into a representation of your company, club, services, establishment thanks to the method sublimation printing. This highly durable method enables photo-quality printing and fine details are no problem.

Implementation optionssublimation printing
Materialfrom 85% polyester + 15% elastane - silver impurity, inner material: z 94% ba wool, 6% elastane
Typewomen's, men's
Weightdifferent weight/ depends on the species


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