Original, innovative, sturdy socks that spark an idea? Contact us with a specific idea of design and quantity. We will prepare a unique graphic preview for you and calculate it for you right away, because order makes friends.

We will create custom socks for you that you cannot find anywhere else. We bet on uniqueness and your (and our) imagination. With us, the customer can design a complete design of socks, or we will be happy to help him with it. We have classic, ankle and sports socks with our own print. The only limitation is that the motif cannot be placed on the heel and toe of the sock, maximum 5 colors in one line.

Implementation optionscolor weaving
Type of socksunisex


At Kapatex, we like things that bring comfort and convenience to people. And that includes socks, which are not only practical, but have recently become a popular part of the outfit. They are no longer hidden under pants or in shoes, on the contrary, they peek out from them or people pull them out through the legs of their pants. Take advantage of it and be seen. Just create original advertising socks incluiding printed paper box that will be liked. Maybe as merch!

What types can you choose from? We have for you:

  • Classic socks

They are seamlessly woven with a motif of your choice. However, it is not possible to place it on the heel and toe of the sock. Recommended for the cheerful socks trend. Material: 80% cotton, 15% polyester, 5% elastane

  • Classic organic cotton socks

Smooth knitted socks with a motif on the ankle. We offer them in several colors: white, black, gray, dark blue and natural. Material: 80% organic cotton, 18% polyamide, 2% lycra

    • Ankle socks

They are lower, smoothly knitted with a motif in the hem. Material: 80% cotton, 15% polyester, 5% elastane

  • Sports half terry socks

Elastic socks with a scalloped pattern above the ankle where the logo can be placed. This will create unique advertising socks with your company's logo. Texts can also be placed in the hem of the sock. There is a reinforced terry loop on the foot, thanks to which the socks absorb sweat well. Higher and ankle type.

  • Professional sports socks

With Silvertex Thermo silver ions, which wicks away sweat well and reduces odor. This type of socks strengthens the foot and keeps its shape. Composition: 75% cotton, 20% polypropylene siltex, 5% elastane.


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