Right foot into spring: Happy socks now also for children


With colourful socks, the day is instantly more cheerful. At Kapatex, we create "happy socks" with your own print that no one else has! Quality socks with a dose of imagination are now also available in children's sizes so that even the little ones can enjoy them.

Innovated Image towels: uncompromising print quality


We are constantly improving our products and technologies to ensure that we can always offer our clients the best solutions on the market. We are now introducing an improved range of Image line towels and bath towels designed for all-over printing.

Fitness towel: the best partner for sport


A study claims that most people give up their New Year's resolutions on the second Friday in January, which is known as "Weak Willpower Day". Support all those who have persevered with a gift that even won the award for the best 3D promotional textile item!

New FROTERY catalogue 2024


As every year, we have prepared a clear catalogue where you can find all FROTERY products and technologies that we implement at Kapatex in one place.

Into the new year with new technologies: introducing direct printing


At Kapatex, we are constantly looking for new technologies and ways to innovate to always provide our clients with the most advanced solutions for their needs. Today we would like to introduce you to two modern textile printing technologies. Both offer unique benefits and possibilities that are sure to appeal to anyone looking for innovative ways to personalize clothing and textile products.

PF 2024


Dear Clients, Thank you for your support and cooperation over the past year. We wish you a wonderful and peaceful holidays and a successful entry into new year of 2024. Happy and fluffy wishes to you from Kapatex

Black Friday is here: special discounts on popular terry products


Don't miss out on exceptional prices on popular terry products in stock.

The perfect wellness experience? Only with our Deluxe line!


Treat yourself to a luxurious experience after every bath and shower with the Deluxe towels and bath towels. Not only are they incredibly soft and fluffy, they also dry very quickly. Thanks to the chenille border, they also feature an unusual design.

Ep. 5: 5 reasons why a terry towel is the best promotional gift


Terry has many forms, and most of us are familiar with them. Towels, bath towels, bathrobes, washcloths accompany us every day. Just try to count the number of times you reach for one of them every single day. All the products we offer have great potential to become the perfect promotional gift for a wide target group.

Spectacular to look and to touch: that's plastic weaving 


Are you looking for a branding method that is harmonious but still delivers a guaranteed wow effect? Thanks to plastic weaving technology, you can impress not only by sight, but also by touch. This branding process creates an embossment in the texture of the towel that gives your motif a new dimension. 

5 reasons why terry is the best promotional gift


Terry has many forms, and most of us are familiar with them. Towels, bath towels, bathrobes, washcloths accompany us every day. Just try to count the number of times you reach for one of them every day. A soft towel or bathrobe definitely leaves an impression and is therefore a great carrier of your brand.

Introducing laser engraving technology


Looking for a new way to brand towels and bath towels with your logo or chosen design? Laser engraving is a relatively young method that will surprise your customers by sight and touch. This fast and precise method can literally burn a logo, inscription, motto, ornament, in short, almost any motif into our products.

Bamboo range: discover the amazing properties of bamboo fibre


Bamboo is often referred to as the material of the future. Its cultivation is significantly more economical and sustainable than cotton. Bamboo fibre is also naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-static.

Cooling towels: the ideal gadget for summer


They're small, lightweight and incredibly cool. But the Cooling towels not only quick-drying perfectly, they even cool. And for several hours at a time. The ideal companion for hot summer days!

We have launched a new English version of the website!


We are pleased to announce that we have launched an English version of our website, which will make it much easier for international clients to get to know and use our services. We are very pleased to be able to offer you this new language version and hope that you will enjoy browsing our website in English as much as you do in Czech.

We're looking for the face of Frotery! Can you help us to find her?


In the spirit of summer fun and the upcoming holiday season, we decided to organize a contest not only of beauty, but also of creativity and humor, as is inherent in our company. We would like to introduce MRS Frotery - a summer competition for women and girls aged 15 to 30.

Customized promotional kitchen towels: an original product that will always come in handy


Do you think a kitchen towel is an old-fashioned gift? Quite the opposite! The sustainability trend is clear - paper towels will never replace cloth ones. A good quality cloth is a staple in every kitchen, whether it's at home, in a gastro operation or in a company. Tap into its hidden potential with us and have us create the perfect customised promotional product.

Want to make a big impression? Image, Beach and Elitery towels are the obvious choice!


Looking for even more space for your ideas? Our towels provide a large area for those who want to be seen a little more. We offer several types of bath towels in the dimensions 80 x 180 cm, just take your pick.

How to choose a quality towel so that it not only serves you well, but also lasts a long time


Towels are an indispensable element not only in every bathroom, but also in any sports bag or suitcase packed for a long trip. Why is it worth investing in them, what are the types of towels and how do you know if they are really good quality? Check out our tips on how to buy products that will serve you well for years to come.

Technology: Sublimation printing in the border


Do you want a logo or image on your promotional product that will actually be seen? The sublimation printing technique in the border guarantees that the resulting design will be visible across the entire width of the towel or bath towel in uncompromising quality.