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Technology: Sublimation printing in the border

Do you want a logo or image on your promotional product that will actually be seen? The sublimation printing technique in the border guarantees that the resulting design will be visible across the entire width of the towel or bath towel in uncompromising quality.

This branding is directly "absorbed" into the advertising product. No one will wash it off, evaporate it, or peel it off.

Sublimation printing allows you to print towels and bath towels in almost photographic quality. The motif is transferred directly into the fiber, it does not remain only on the surface unlike traditional printing. Sublimation printing is invisible to the touch and even frequent washing will not remove your motif or logo from the product.

We have prepared special high-quality terry towels for border printing Print and Fitness with polyester border 9 - 10 cm high. We will print the chosen motif or logo on this surface.