HomeSpectacular to look and to touch: that's plastic weaving 

Spectacular to look and to touch: that's plastic weaving 

Are you looking for a branding method that is harmonious but still delivers a guaranteed wow effect? Thanks to plastic weaving technology, you can impress not only by sight, but also by touch. This branding process creates an embossment in the texture of the towel that gives your motif a new dimension. 

How does it work? 

With this technology of weaving into the surface of towels and bath towels, the motif is created by stretching a cotton loop. The resulting image is visually similar to embossing, acting as a relief that emerges from the surface of the towel and bath towel. The pattern is essentially a different length of thread woven into the surface of the monochrome textile. The pattern used can be single-sided or, in individual cases, double-sided. In the production process, a 'walk' (single) as well as a 'skan' (double) terry loop is used. 

Why choose embossed weaving? 

✔ We create products with this type branding to order 
✔ Suitable for larger quantities 
✔ Effective to the touch 
✔ Utilising a large area of the towel or bath towel 
✔ Harmonious design in one colour