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How to choose a quality towel so that it not only serves you well, but also lasts a long time

Towels are an indispensable element not only in every bathroom, but also in any sports bag or suitcase packed for a long trip. Why is it worth investing in them, what are the types of towels and how do you know if they are really good quality? Check out our tips on how to buy products that will serve you well for years to come.

Cotton towels
Price, material, size, weight and method of use. All these you would take into account before you embark on your purchase. After all, your sports towel should be different, and you'll wrap yourself in a different towel after a long relaxing shower. If you are looking for a soft and comfortable towel for everyday use in the bathroom, then cotton towels with a higher grammage, which indicates the density of the fabric, are ideal. You will also come across such towels at spas or hotels. Remember that the higher the weight of the towel, the better its absorption and it is also softer. In general, a quality towel should be at least 400 g/m2. But we want to give you the best, so we also have towels up to 600 g/m2." says Jan Rosenkranz, owner of Kapatex, the largest ever seller of terry towels and bath towels in the Czech Republic.


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Bamboo towels
Another option is bamboo towels, which have recently become very popular thanks to their natural properties. Bamboo fibre is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, which guarantees cleanliness and hygiene. It also stands out for its softness and gentleness, making it suitable for sensitive and very delicate skin. Bamboo towels are also very absorbent and quick-drying, which is an advantage for everyday use.


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Organic cotton

Looking for an eco-friendly option for your bathroom? Organic cotton towels are made from organic cotton that is grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides. They are therefore environmentally friendly and a purely natural way is followed throughout the production process. Such towels are especially appreciated by children, allergy sufferers, people with eczema and people with sensitive skin. They are soft and pleasant to the touch, and the natural process makes the towel fibres longer and softer, so they are more absorbent and breathable.


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Cooling towels

Whether you're an active athlete or go hiking regularly, especially in summer you'll appreciate towels made from special cooling yarn, which are an excellent choice for cooling the body. Cooling towels are designed to keep your body cool and dry and cool you down in hot weather. To use the towels for cooling, you need to soak them in cold water, squeeze out the excess water and moisture, and apply them to your skin. Due to their high moisture absorption capacity and quick drying time, cooling towels can be reused repeatedly without the need for washing.


Cooling towel,

Quick-drying towels

For sports bag, luggage or as a cheaper option for allergy sufferers. Polyester towels are great for all this. Because they are ultra-light and don't take up too much space. What's more, they also dry very quickly and don't hold water, which makes them fundamentally different from cotton towels. You will also be pleased with the price, which is very reasonable compared to towels with a higher grammage.

Microtech towels 

You can tell a quality product by sight and touch

Quality towels have straight edges, are more tightly stitched and have a higher resistance to wear and tear. If you opt for a towel made from man-made materials such as microfibre or polyester, you should therefore choose a towel with a higher grammage and quality workmanship to be as close to cotton quality as possible.

More expensive towels usually have a higher grammage, are more tightly stitched and are made from higher quality materials. However, if you're looking for a towel for everyday use, you can safely choose a cheaper option that will do the job.

Don't forget to consider the size of the towel when choosing one so that it will wrap your entire body when drying. Choosing a quality towel can be more challenging than it first appears, but if you choose the right material, weight and workmanship, you can look forward to a comfortable and reliable accessory for the bathroom, the beach and sporting activities.