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Ep. 5: 5 reasons why a terry towel is the best promotional gift

Terry has many forms, and most of us are familiar with them. Towels, bath towels, bathrobes, washcloths accompany us every day. Just try to count the number of times you reach for one of them every single day. All the products we offer have great potential to become the perfect promotional gift for a wide target group.

In the previous parts of this newsletter series, we have looked at all these features in detail through the lens of the company and the target group. In the last part, we will focus on terry as a complex product and the possibilities of extending its value to make it a truly perfect gift not only in the run-up to Christmas.


Episode 5
Terry is a complex gift

The possibility of creating a terry set

One of the great advantages of terry is that individual products can be combined with each other to create customised sets. So you can put together a large premium set with several towels, bath towels and robes as well as smaller packages. 

Combinations with other products and services

A bath towel, bathrobe, sports towel or washcloth form a great basis for creating beautiful value-added customised packages. How about a relaxation package with a soft bathrobe, spa voucher and cosmetics? Or a chef's gift with customized dish towels, a spice set and a knife? 

Promoting an emotional experience

Terry products can be part of creating positive emotional experiences. By combining products and design, you can turn a gift into a unique experience that the recipient will appreciate and remember positively.