Did you know that at the time of their inception in the early 18th century, bathrobes were considered perfectly appropriate attire for a morning audience? Even in the French royal court! Treat your guests and customers to a literally royal feeling. At home or at a hotel, you can walk around in a bathrobe all day, right?

EXCLUSIVE terry bathrobes with a shawl collar are among the classic bathrobes for wide use. Their strength lies in their simplicity – they come in the popular knee length, made from 100% cotton that wicks away beautifully, and have the essential belt and pockets. These are great for when people go from their hotel room to the spa with just their phone and room card.


Everyone can order our EXCLUSIVE line of terry bathrobes. There is always a place to use them. They are most often purchased by hotel facilities or wellness facilities for their guests. But these are certainly not all the places where to buy them.

Also suitable places are homes for the elderly, private hospital facilities, for example aesthetic medicine clinics, or cosmetic and massage salons.

In the list, we must not forget that they are more than suitable as gifts for corporate customers and business partners. In a package for any occasion, they will definitely attract attention as promotional items (certainly more than a pencil or a key ring).

Exclusive's classic terry bathrobes are absolutely suitable anywhere. They are cut to fit every figure. A practical belt will also take care of that. We offer women's and men's bathrobes in sizes S to XXL. They are made of 100% cotton, which is warm, and if the bathrobes will be used by the pool or in the wellness area, it absorbs water from the skin.

Whether you order bathrobes as a gift for clients, or offer them to guests to use during their stay at your hotel or anywhere else, treat them as a chance to be seen simply, elegantly and completely naturally. At your request, we will mark the bathrobes with embroidery. They will feature your company logo and the name of the place where they will be used.

Material100% cotton
SizeS, M, L, XL, XXL
Weight380 g/m²


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