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Team building - Safari park

As the name suggests, a company event - teambuilding - took place on this day. It's not that we don't like to meet colleagues at work, but we enjoy our time outside the office even more.

From time to time it is nice to escape from the office and meet old and new colleagues from another side.

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And where did we go this year? After a team vote, we chose to visit the Safari Park in Dvór Králové, where we enjoyed the whole of Friday and Saturday together.

Over 2,300 animals were waiting for us, this is the largest collection of African animals in Europe. We also visited the backstage of the elephant exhibition, they received a rice cracker from us as a welcome, so hopefully they will remember us well if they have the memory of elephants. Our program continued with a key team activity. Divided into groups, we set out to solve tasks hidden in the safari park. In the early evening, we were already waiting for a performance by African drummers, and then we also tried our hand at drumming.

At the end of our stay, we went with the caretaker to the grounds of the giraffe farm. Did you know giraffes have a blue tongue?

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