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How to choose a towel so that it serves well?

Choosing a towel is usually not something we spend too much time and thought on. We deal with its design rather than more technical parameters such as grammage or fiber processing, and whether we have made a good or bad choice will only be known after a few uses. So how should you choose a towel so that it serves you well and for a long time?

The first decision aspect is what you will use the towel for. Do you want a towel for the bathroom, for sports, travel or the beach? A quick-drying microfiber towel will definitely not give you a luxurious feeling like in a wellness area, and on the contrary, a classic towel is not very suitable for traveling due to its dimensions.

The most popular towels are certainly those of combed cotton also known as terry. Terry towels are subsequently distinguished by grammage, fiber length and quality. The normal grammage of the towel is from 320 to 600 g and indicates how much cotton yarn was used for 1 m2 of terry cloth. The lighter the towel, the faster it dries, but it is also less soft and pleasant to the touch. For wiping your hands in the bathroom, a 400 g towel is sufficient, which has longer fibers and is therefore still pleasant, but at the same time dries quickly, you can find such in the collection Elitery from the Czech brand Frotery.
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Truly luxurious towels that will turn your bathroom into a five-star spa are made of long yarn and weigh more than 600 g. a special 100% cotton yarn called low twist is used, which is very finely spun and its long fibers are therefore very soft and fluffy. Their only disadvantage, in addition to the higher price, is slower drying, as thick fibers absorb more water.

In addition to grammage, it is also good to look at the origin of the fibers themselves. Organic cotton has softer fibers that are more breathable, absorbent and gentler on the skin. The fibers have a dense "fluff" because they have not been destroyed by chemical processes. Organic cotton products are suitable for allergy sufferers and children with sensitive skin. Bamboo fibers, which are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-static, are also gaining popularity. Towels with a proportion of bamboo fibers are so light, pleasant and perfectly wick away moisture.

Towels from polyester microfibre are thin, light, quick-drying and fit, for example, in a pocket.

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Properly taking care of your towels will guarantee that they will serve you well for many years. Although advertisements convince us that without fabric softener our clothes will not be soft, the opposite is true. Fabric softener "glues" the fibers of towels and bath towels together, thereby destroying their softness, absorbency and functionality. Therefore, be very careful with quick-drying or cooling towels. If you want to ensure the softness of the fibers, you should rather reach for vinegar, which you can add to the wash and thus rid the towels of any odor. If you need to brighten up white textiles, you can rely on baking soda.

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When drying, avoid direct sunlight or hot radiators, extreme temperatures can cause fibers to crack.

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