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Digital printing technology

Digital printing is a printing technology in which print data (pdf) is sent from a computer program directly to a digital printer. Unlike sublimation printing, sublimation paper is not required here.\r\n\r\n

The printing principle is simple. It can be compared to a classic home printer, only in a slightly larger design. Before printing, we check the motif and upload it (pdf) to the printer. Then we put a T-shirt or other textile in the frame and start printing with high-quality transfer colors that only dry at high temperatures. The ink color is applied to the textile by direct injection, so the print achieves softness and adhesion to the textile. Finally, we iron the resulting print.

Advantages of digital printing
The main advantage of digital printing is that it is printed directly on the textile, which guarantees the permanence of the print. The printed surface is fine and soft to the touch, but also very resistant to washing and ironing. You can print on light and dark textiles in high resolution - photographic quality. Printing is possible down to the smallest details, shading and color transitions. This technology is undemanding and, above all, fast. Suitable for printing from 1 piece.

Do you know that..

with an inkjet, a jet of ink with a diameter of approximately 0.25 mm directly shoots out from the moving head to the printed material. The diameter of the beam is constant. With this digital technology, we also distinguish two types of printing, according to the principle by which the ink jet is ejected: Bubble printing and Piezoelectric printing.

Material suitable for digital printing
100 is suitable for printing % cotton textile in contrast to sublimation printing, where we print on a mixture of cotton and polyester. With this printing method, you can have, for example, t-shirts, canvas bags or other textiles from the brands we are a distributor of printed with us.

Unusual technologies: Digital printing is part of our cycle of articles focusing on explanations principle of functioning of the branding technologies that we use in our workshop. Also read the article "(Un)ordinary technologies: Sublimation printing".

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