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Digital printer for cotton textiles

The new digital cotton textile printer is ready for your t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts... in short, all cotton textiles. Don't have your fabric? Leave it to us.

We will provide the textile for you, print it, pack it and deliver it to your company. We are a distributor of quality advertising textile brands.

Choose from ourtextile offeror from the catalogs of our suppliers.

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What is digital printing:

Digital printing is direct injection printing on textiles that does not use templates. Simply thread the textile onto the mat and the printing program will start. The color in the printer is sprayed by nozzles directly onto the textile. As a result, there may be a slight deviation in color. We recommend washing the textile at 40°C.

Advantages of digital printing:

  • prints directlyto the textile, which guarantees the permanence of the print
  • unlimited color print in high resolution, photographic quality
  • printingto the smallestdetails, shading, color transition
  • highresistanceagainst UV radiation and washing
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  • can be printed on light and dark textiles
  • printing is resistant towashingand< span> ironing
  • a wide range of cotton textiles that can be printed
  • quick realization of digital printing</ li>

Do you know that…
The father of electrophotography is the American scientist Chester Floyd Carlson. The first electrophotographic print was made on October 22, 1938 in Astoria (the part of New York where Carlson had his laboratory), which is also immortalized on the first digital output.