What format is the best for submitting the designs for embroidery?

The designs are best sent via e-mail in a vector graphic format (Corel: .cdr, .eps; Illustrator: .ai) or as a bitmap with the highest possible definition (.jpg, .bmp, .tif, .gif, .pdf,.pdp, .pds…).

What is the best way to care for bathrobes and towels with a velvet finish?

Do not soak before washing.

Wash at the recommended temperature.

Before washing, turn a bathrobe inside out.

Dry in the air.

Avoid ironing the velour side – the loops will flatten.

Do not pull out any protruding loops – cut them off.

Can you make special hanging loops for towels with our logo on them?

Hanging loops are stitched in during the terry cotton production. We do not recommend adding loops later! If the original loop is removed and a new one stitched in, we cannot guarantee that the stitches will remain firm on the edge of the terry fabric. For custom orders, you can request special loops bearing your logo.

What is the best way of washing terry cotton?

For the first few washing cycles, we recommend washing clothes sorted by colour without conditioners. Drying in a dryer improves the pleasant touch…

Do you have the colour that I request?

Submit your request in any colour specification (RAL, Pantone…) or show us a piece of fabric with the required colour, and we will provide terry cotton in your approved shade.

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